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Youth & Children

All youth activities run during school term time.

For up to date information checkout our facebook page ​

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Twinkle Tots
Twinkle Tots

0930 Fridays

Messy Church
Messy Church

Messy fun for all ages 

Sunday 21st April

3.30pm - 5.30pm

(meal included)

To book contact: Miranda 07355 266867


Uniformed Organisations

These groups are not actually run by the church, so for more information you will need to contact them directly.

1st Radford Rainbows – Tues 4:30 pm

1st Radford Brownies – Tues 5:30 pm

1st Oreston Brownies – Tues 6:00 pm 

3rd Plymstock Brownies – Wed 5:30 pm 

3rd Plymstock Guides – Wed 7:00 pm 

1st Oreston Rainbows – Thurs 5:00 pm

1st Plymstock Beavers – Thurs 6:00 pm 

1st Plymstock Cubs –  Thurs 6:30 pm 

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