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Dec Jan Newsletter

Connect - Tea and Coffe with cake. Mondays & Fridays

Come and join us for tea, coffee & cake with time to talk and have a chat with others within the local community.

Leaflets are available in the foyer. 

Sample sessions are @

Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course

Starting in January 2024, this is an exciting 10 week course, which covers all aspects of what a Christian is and it will help Christians of all ages and experience to grow spiritually and in understanding of the faith. The aim is to make mature, fruitful disciples.

There will be an optional session where issues that are holding us back can be dealt with gently and privately before God.

The course will be of benefit to every Christian.

Another of the charities that PUC supports is Plymouth Foodbank. The foodbank is always grateful for any food donations and manager Andrew Denham shared that with the cost of living crisis hitting people so hard, there is great need for the food bank in Plymouth. I am sure that you have noticed the increase in prices in our super- markets and this is having a huge impact, both on the need in the city and on a reduction in donations. We have collection boxes in the church foyer and on the shelves out-side the kitchen if anyone wishes to donate.

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