The building is licenced for weddings, and we count it a privilege to be involved in your special day. If you are interested in getting married here you will need to contact the Minister. He will arrange to meet you and discuss your wedding plans and preparations.

We want you have a great wedding service. So our hope is that, together, we can create a relevant and special service that celebrates your commitment to each other in a way that honours Jesus.

Click to download the booklet "Your Wedding"Practical Questions

Flowers, music, photographs, children, rehersals, costs, service sheets… questions about these and other practical issues are all dealt with in our downloadable booklet “Your Wedding”.

Useful to know…

We don’t require you to attend this church in order to get married here. But you want your wedding here for a reason, so we do encourage you to come along for a few weeks and see what it’s like …you might be surprised!

We are a Christian Church, so our weddings (and other worship services) are conducted according to the Bible’s teaching.