Acts 13v13-52 – Hope has a name

How is Jesus different from Israel’s greatest king, and who should we bother telling?

Acts 12v25-13v12 – Guidance & Roadblocks

When the Holy Spirit speaks as people pause to pray, the church is guided into fresh mission and may face strong opposition.

Acts 12v1-24 – Power and Prayer

Do we expect prayer to make any difference? Are we bothered enough to make time, persevere and actually ask God to intervene?

Acts 11v19-30 – The inclusive-yet-exclusive Gospel

Whoever they are, we should rejoice with new believers, encourage other believers and share fellowship with all believers.

Acts 11v1-18 – Sometimes you have to change your mind

When the Holy Spirit acts and the church takes note, then we can be united to go in the same direction – God’s direction!

Acts 10v23-48 – Not a Jew? It’s still for you!

Can we step out in faith when we don’t have the full picture? What’s the message, and who gets to hear it?

Acts 10v1-22 – What is on God’s Menu?

How does a dinnercloth laden with forbidden food change the mission focus of the church?

Acts 9v19-43 – What am I famous for?

One was nicknamed ‘The Encourager’ and another was popular because of her good deeds as encouragement, kindness, Bible and Spirit come together.

Acts 9v1-19 – Saul and Ananias

How readily do we hear and obey visions that come from the Holy Spirit? And what does it take to persuade someone to believe Jesus is the Messiah?

Acts 8v26-40 – Listening Evangelism

Insights from Philip’s role in helping an Ethiopian envoy become a follower of Jesus.