We don’t pretend to be perfect …far from it! But we do want to be helpful, so do talk to us if there are practical ways that we could improve. And if you have any questions, just ask.


There is level access for almost all of the ground floor, and a platform lift linking the Foyer with the Norley Hall. The only rooms requiring steps are the Creche, the platform and store room in the church, and those on the first floor.

There is an accessible toilet (plus baby changing facilities) off the Foyer.

And if you’re a wheelchair user and come to worship with us, we’ll happily move some chairs so you can sit where you want and with whom you want.


There is a telecoil loop for hearing aid users (and, yes, it does work properly!)


We produce large print songsheets each week for those who struggle to see the screens, either because of eyesight, or because they need to remain seated while others are standing.


For Communion services we use non-alcoholic wine and gluten-free bread.

Our CafeVision caters for a range of allergies.

Other Needs

Several individuals or families within the church are familiar with other particular needs such as autism, dementia or Down’s syndrome. We can’t promise that we’ll always get it right, but we are family together and we do have some experience of adjusting to one another’s circumstances. And we’re always happy to talk about what is helpful.