Acts 12v25-13v12 – Guidance & Roadblocks

When the Holy Spirit speaks as people pause to pray, the church is guided into fresh mission and may face strong opposition.

Acts 12v1-24 – Power and Prayer

Do we expect prayer to make any difference? Are we bothered enough to make time, persevere and actually ask God to intervene?

Acts 11v19-30 – The inclusive-yet-exclusive Gospel

Whoever they are, we should rejoice with new believers, encourage other believers and share fellowship with all believers.

Acts 11v1-18 – Sometimes you have to change your mind

When the Holy Spirit acts and the church takes note, then we can be united to go in the same direction – God’s direction!

Acts 10v23-48 – Not a Jew? It’s still for you!

Can we step out in faith when we don’t have the full picture? What’s the message, and who gets to hear it?