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Welcome !

Hi and welcome to Plymstock United Church. We're a Christian Church that is focussed on Jesus, based on the Bible, and welcomes the Holy Spirit. We're a growing church of all ages, and laughter, friendships, challenge, prayer, fun and serving are integral to our faith.

We provide a place where faith can grow richer and stronger, where people can be encouraged and challenged. Whether young or old, able-bodied or disabled, people from all kinds of family backgrounds have made themselves at home here.

What about you?

Am I allowed in?

The simple answer is : "Yes, of course!" Jesus welcomed all kinds of people, and we are just trying to follow his example. You might be surprised at the people he had time for:

  • Manual labourers, businessmen and street-dwellers
  • Women as well as men
  • Children, parents and the elderly
  • Prostitutes, divorcees, singles and the happily married
  • The broken-hearted and the hyper-enthusiastic
  • Religious people, and those who were haunted by demons of the past


So, yes, of course you are welcome!


Why not drop by one Sunday?  You'll be welcomed, but you won't be singled out. You don't need to dress up posh or pretend to be religious. Just come as you are, take it at your own pace, and see what you think.